Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Awards


It was liverpool food and drink awards last night, and I’ve had this article bouncing around my head for a week or two. I was ready to write it this morning, yet beat me to it. They have an excellent article, with a similar view to me on this, not the same but similar. They question the worth of winning one of these awards, the combination of being voted by the public and run as a PR event, are their primary detractors. On the whole I agree with them, I really question the validity of these awards. That is not say I don’t think Liverpool Cheese Company, Lunya or Bold Street Coffee are great, I do. Other awards, however, clearly show the short comings, such as 60 Hope Street being awarded restaurant of excellence in Liverpool, its not even the best restaurant on Hope Street.

The real problem for these awards is not just the public vote, but the limited voting potential. Entries to the vote depend on your restaurant/shop/cafe taking a stall at the Sefton park event. Thus for you even to be in with a chance, you have to drop close to £1000 on a stall with the food and drink festival. Thus this year I couldn’t vote for The Side Door or Salt House Tapas in any category, two very good restaurants that weren’t at the park. It’s this system that ultimately results, in my opinion, in awards of little meaning.