It’s Time To Go

As you may or may not have noticed, there hasn’t been much action here of late, unfortunately it’s time to go. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope some of you… Continue reading

The Genting Club

“oh” I thought to myself as I received the invitation, “is this somewhere new?” I wondered as I read the blurb about the Genting Club. It turns out that no, it isn’t, in… Continue reading

The Liverpool Food Festival

A few short notes about the festival from me, I went for both days and really quite enjoyed it. Ok there was nothing outstanding there, but still some very  nice food and it… Continue reading

Castro Grill

A week or so ago, I’m not sure how long, there was a continental market on St Georges Plateau, full with all manner of places to eat. A couple of them caught my… Continue reading

Reverb Watch

If you read my post last week you will have seen my rather unflattering opinions of a restaurant review in The Echo. I’ve made my thoughts known before but this time I felt… Continue reading

Scousetro Club @ Camp & Furnace

Our most recent Scousetro Club was last week at Camp & Furnace, we had a great time and some lovely food. The Scousetro Club site has been updated with great new pictures, check… Continue reading

The London Carriage Works

The London Carriage Works is somewhat of an enigma, and I regularly hear both and good and bad comments about it, some love it and others don’t. I’d had issues with them before,… Continue reading

The Liverpool Echo and the Need For Better Criticism

  “This makes for pundits who are unlikely to know what they are talking about and more open to the PR spin. They have plenty of views, but not many that are worth… Continue reading

Cafe Porto

Yesterday Seven Streets posted their review of Cafe Porto on Rodney Street. Together with Scottish partner, Mary Walker, Pedro works hard to ensure everything is right: with authentic ingredients sourced from a London-based… Continue reading

Caffee Cream

If you love good ice-cream then there is nowhere better than Caffee Cream in New Brighton,  a lovely parlour selling ice-cream made on the premises. It has a huge array of inviting flavours,… Continue reading